5 Tips on How to Prepare the Outside of Your Home for Fall!

autumn 04Last weeks’ blog was all about getting the inside of your home ready for Fall. What about the outside of your home? Are you prepared for the fast approaching Fall and Winter weather? The following 5 tips should help you finish the Fall preparation process!

Prepare your garden

Prepare the lawn by removing weeds, seeding, and fertilizing.  In your garden, remove weeds, pull annuals, prune perennials, and plant any spring-blooming bulbs. Fall is the best time to plant trees, shrubs & bulbs, as the soil is still warm, but cool enough for the roots to really take hold. Consider putting mulch in your flower beds, as it helps to protect the plants when the weather turns cold. Plants in containers should be emptied, or taken indoors.

Clean and organize your garage or closet

Fall is the perfect time to clean and organize your garage, as the hot weather is gone and it’s not too cold just yet. If you don’t have a garage, this tip may apply to a shed, closet or basement storage area! Organize & wipe down shelves (this might be a good time to purge.) Use peg boards to hang & organize tools, and bins & boxes to store/organize the rest. Ensure all beach, camping and Spring/Summer sporting equipment is put away and move all Fall sporting & yard equipment such as football/soccer gear, rakes & leaf blowers to easily accessible areas.

Winterize your outdoor space

Clean your gutters and do a quick check on the roof to ensure you have no loose shingles. Ensure you drain all irrigation lines and garden hoses and bring all hoses inside to prevent cracking. If you have a rain barrel, disconnect it from the downspout, empty it, and turn it over or bring it inside, also to prevent cracking. Clean all your outdoor furniture and equipment with a mild soap solution and water. If you’re able to bring them indoors during the winter, you should do so. If not, wrap them tightly with a tarp or other cover that will protect them from the winter weather.

Think outdoor safety

Check the sidewalk and driveway for holes and cracks that could cause people to trip. Not to mention that when the Winter ice and snow gets in the cracks, it will only be a bigger problem in the Spring when everything melts. Fall weather is perfect for patching asphalt and concrete, as it will help it set quicker. With the sun setting earlier, you may want to add extra lighting along pathways and ensure all outdoor lights are in working order and changed as soon as the burn out.

Get your car ready

Depending on where you live, this could be a quick or lengthy process. Now is a good time to have the car serviced and newer tires put on, before Winter hits. You may also want to consider having your vehicle detailed to remove all remnants of Summer fun such as sand in the trunk, chips on the floor and the lingering smell of wet beach towels.


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