Protecting Your Home from Vandalism this Halloween

Halloween 02You can be sure there will be many different ghoulish figures on your doorstep this Halloween, but how many of them have “tricks” more than “treats” on their mind!?! It’s hard to tell just when someone might attempt to vandalize your property, but Halloween is sometimes a more likely time than any.


Here are a few ideas to try and keep your home from becoming a victim of vandalism this Halloween.

1) Leave items such as bikes, rakes, etc. indoors or in a locked shed, as these could be targets for theft.

2) If you have a garage, park your vehicle in it for the evening, as this will take away the temptation of setting off the car alarm or worse.

3) If you plan to stay in and hand out candy, you may want to keep your indoor and outdoor lights on to prevent any attempts vandalism by tricksters lurking in the darkness. Having your outdoor lights on is a good idea for another reason too. Some youngsters don’t have great balance and coordination on the best of days, and bulky costumes and heavy jackets can make this worse, so having your outside light on can help prevent them from tripping on something and hurting themselves.

4) If your plans are to go out this Halloween, whether it be with the kids trick or treating or to a party, it might be a good idea to keep your indoor and outdoor lights on. Even though you’re not there, this will give the illusion that you are. You could also ask a neighbour who is staying in to keep an eye on your house for the duration of your absence.

Here are some common tricks to watch out for this Halloween:


Toilet Paper

Toothpaste or Shaving Cream

Silly String

Smashing or stealing pumpkins

Markers for writing on glass (you may find this on your vehicle or home windows)

Dog poop in a paper bag (this is occasionally stepped up a notch by being lit on fire, followed by the ring of a doorbell)


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