A better way to effectively remove ice from your property!

Shoveling SnowNovember is here, which means that snow and ice are soon to follow! Ice can be a hazard in the winter, especially on doorsteps, sidewalks and driveways of your home. It can be difficult to choose a way to get rid of ice, depending on the environment surrounding your home. For example if you have animals, lots of vegetation, or streams and lakes close to your home, you will want to limit the amount of chemicals you pour onto the ground.

While salt products can be a cheap way to melt ice buildup on your property, it can also be harmful to vegetation, pets, and surfaces such as concrete and wood. Not to mention, it may not be as effective in temperatures colder than -25 degrees Celsius. Since salt also promotes rust, other chemical compounds to melt ice have been developed. However, these types of products can contain chemicals that may also be harmful to vegetation and pets. Now most products on the market today are created in such a way that they may not harm vegetation, but what about your pets.

If you are looking for a product that is not only less harmful to the environment, your home and pets but will cut through ice just as effectively, try looking towards 100% natural products. They may not be 100% pet friendly, but they might prove to be more friendly than products that contain harsher chemicals. Products such as Organic Meltare made from 100% natural ingredients. Organic Meltchooses to use degregated sugar beets in their product. This particular product is less corrosive than salt, will not stain carpets or clothes and does not contain calcium chloride. Like most other ice melting products, they can melt up to -30 degrees Celsius and are less harmful to surrounding vegetation. However, products which contain natural ingredients, can be gentler on surfaces such as concrete and wood than most salt and chemical based products, which can eat away at deck stain.  

For more information about the particular product Organic Melt click here to visit their website, and don’t forget to use any ice melting product wisely. Always read the labels and adhere to the application quantities and methods.


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