Canada Safeway stocks up on watermelons for the Grey Cup this Sunday!

  Canada Safeway has put a rush order on 3,000 watermelons to be shipped to Calgary stores in preparation for the Grey Cup this Sunday. With thousands of Roughrider fans arriving in Calgary this week, there is suddenly a large demand for watermelons. The watermelon helmet seems to have worked its way into being a part of the traditional Saskatchewan Roughrider gear a few years ago. According to people with the Roughriders organization, fans started donning these hollowed-out watermelons after a Riders TV commercial showed a man carving a melon helmet.

Saskatchewan Roughrider fans have been called the “greatest football fans in the world.” Make sure you put on your green & white, and cheer loud and proud as Saskatchewan and Montreal face off against each other for the first time to win the Grey Cup on Sunday, November 29th, 2010.


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