Save money on lighting this Christmas!

Everywhere you look, it’s all about energy efficiency nowadays and Christmas should be no different, considering all the extra lighting that seems to come along with the season. Some people have already switched to the more energy efficient way of lighting their homes during the holiday season. Here are a few good ways to do the same!

LED lights, and solar lights, have proven to be the most energy efficient holiday lights out there today, and are not very expensive in comparison to traditional Christmas lights.

LED Lights

– use 80 – 95% less energy than regular Christmas lights.

– are safer, in the sense that they do not get hot. This makes them great for use on real trees and for families with small children.

– are more durable and last longer than traditional Christmas lights, as they are made from plastic rather than glass, and can last up to 200,000 hours.

Solar Lights

– are naturally more energy efficient, as they use the sun’s light to charge them rather than running off electricity. They can even be charged on cloudy days, which makes them great for use in the winter.

– run cool to the touch which, like LED lights, also makes them safe for use with small children and real trees

– unlike traditional Christmas lights, no extension cords are needed with solar lights, making them easy to install anywhere outside your home.

Christmas lights are a great way to bring warmth and the holiday spirit into your home this season. These two great options of lighting should help you do just that, while staying on budget and cutting energy costs!


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