Cut Tree or Living Tree?

Many people like having a real tree in their home at Christmas rather than a fake out-of-the-box tree. They smell great and you don’t have to fuss with wire branches to give the tree that “fluffed out” look. If you’re the type of person who likes the real deal in your home at Christmas, then think about this…..what if you could have a living, still growing Christmas tree in your home this season?

Sean Macallister and Jeff Ferguson of British Columbia started a business in January 2009 by the name of Evergrow Christmas Tree Co., renting out live, potted Christmas trees. Macallister is a forester-in-training and Ferguson is a forestry firefighter. Together, they have created a great BritishColumbia based business that will help minimize the impact that the Christmas season has upon the environment.

They carry a variety of Christmas trees and the rental prices can range from $100 – $150, depending on the type and size of tree you choose. Included in the rental price, is the delivery and pick up of this living Christmas tree to your home or business. You may ask yourself why rent a potted tree? 

What are the benefits?

It’s still alive! A traditionally cut Christmas tree grows for 6 – 12 years before it is cut down for a one time use during the Christmas season. If you rent a potted tree from Evergrow Christmas Tree Co., you are helping to grow a tree over the Christmas holidays, rather than cut one down. The trees continue to grown in their pots and once they have become too big for the pot, they will be planted outside where they continue to grow.

Convenience! You get the convenience of your tree being delivered and picked up from your home, and you don’t have to fight with that old Christmas tree stand!

Smells better! Potted Christmas trees will smell great for a longer period of time than a cut tree because they are still living. Cut trees dry out and lose they’re fragrance during their stay in your home.

Macallister and Ferguson have rented out 200 trees this year and are currently sold out! To get more information about Sean and Jeff’s business or to rent a tree for Christmas 2010, visit their website at


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