Location, Location, Locaion. . .

You’ve probably heard that phrase before. It simply means that where your home is located is just as important as the features of the property itself.

Finding the right home involves more than just finding the right property. The location plays an important role as well. The last thing you want is to be dazzled into buying what looks like a dream home, only to discover later on that the location makes it inconvenient to get to work, school and other activities.

Location affects market value. But it also affects your lifestyle. Here are some personal questions to ask yourself when shopping for a new home.

1. Do you want to live in the busy part of a city? A quieter sub-division? A small town?
2. How close do you need to be to work? Are main highways easy to get to? Is public transit readily available?
3. If you have children, is there a school nearby? If not, is busing conveniently available?
4. What amenities do you want nearby? Safe walking areas? Local parks? A shopping mall? A golf course?
5. Do you want to be near family and friends?

When you do find a property you like, take a drive around the area. Drive to the local school your kids will be attending. Drive to the highway you take to work. Drive to activities you and your family enjoy, such as golf, movies, and  swimming. By spending some time exploring the area by car, you’ll get a feel for what life is going to be like living there.


One response to “Location, Location, Locaion. . .

  1. Very true! We are just starting to look at our first home and location is huge for us. We both work in one end of town, but our childcare is on the opposite side of town. It wouldn’t make sense for us to live near work if we have to backtrack across down to drop kids off, and go BACK to the other side for work! Plus most family and friends live in the same area and we want to be close to them. Great tips!

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