Delaying Home Repairs Can Hinder Rather Than Help

Homes aren’t meant to exist forever without flaw or intervention. They require maintenance, simple household repairs, improvements, and a little foresight.

It’s surprising how many of us put off or learn to live with minor hosuehold repairs. A leaky faucet for example, however simple to fix, can be easy to ‘learn to live with’ and keep a few extra dollars in your pocket. That being said, when the time comes to sell your home, these neglected repairs can stand out like a big neon warning sign to a potential home buyer!

The tendency to postpone or overlook small repairs if they don’t disrupt your day-to-day living brings with it a large “to-do list” when the time comes to put the For Sale sign up on your home. When that time does come, repairing large things like the roof or eliminating a leak in the basement make it to the top of a home owners to-do list, but when it’s time for a home inspection the minor things will show up as well.  With potential angst for the buyers, created by the inspector’s report, the best opportunity for selling your home might be lost due to small repairs that were known and left uncorrected.

Experts recommend that home owners keep at least $5000 in the bank for repairs that may show up in the home inspection, but just one issue like getting your electrical wiring up to code could eat up that entire amount.  This is just one of the reasons why it is in a home owners best interest to complete minor repairs as they happen instead of waiting until it’s time to put the home up for sale.

In addition to making sure that the home is in tip-top shape prior to putting it on the market, a homeowner should also consider upgrades that will help to entice a potential buyer.  Upgrades and enhancements could include changing the flooring, new paint, kitchen upgrades or changes like cabinet knobs, and making sure the lighting in the home will show it in its best possible light.

In today’s fluctuating housing market, home owners must do everything they can to help their home sell, from minor repairs to major fixes.  No matter how small the problem may seem to you, it could be the difference of a potential buyer making an offer or not!


One response to “Delaying Home Repairs Can Hinder Rather Than Help

  1. Preach on brother! As a contractor we see these small inexpensive problems turn in to major issues that require lots of time and money.

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