Cost Effective Ways to Improve Curb Appeal

If you’re getting ready to put your home on the market, or just looking for inexpensive ways to improve the look of your home, ‘curb appeal’ is something that you should start thinking about. Buyers can make up their mind about your home before they even step in the front door!

We can’t all have yards that are worthy of being on the cover of a landscaping magazine, and if you’re selling your home, you probably don’t have the time or budget to do a complete landscaping project. Luckily, you don’t necessarily need to, as a little cash can go a long way to improve the initial look of your home. There are a number of affordable ways to improve ‘curb appeal’ and thereby, impress buyers who come to view your home.

Now before you grab a shovel or head to a nearby garden centre, take a walk across the street, and look back at your home. What do you see? Something you like, or something you don’t like? This will help you determine what your home needs in order to amp-up the appeal. You should take things like area, architectural style of the home, and climate into consideration, as these things may affect the products you will be using. For example; you don’t want to waste money on plants that require full sun if your yard is in the shade. Nor would you want to pair a modern-style landscape design with a Victorian-style home, since the kind of person who would be interested in your home would want a landscape that complements it.

Here are a few thing you can do to cost-effectively improve the ‘curb appeal’ of your home:

  1. Clean up existing flower beds by removing weeds and overgrown plants.
  2. Prune any shrubs you may have in and around your yard, but try to stay away from turning them into unnatural ball or square shapes.
  3. Trim tree branches that may hang too low and could be a potential hazard.
  4. Mow /fertilize the lawn and place grass seed where needed.
  5. Buy a few seeds or flowers from your local garden centre, but be sure to do your homework and buy the right plants/flowers that will thrive in your area.
  6. Place new topsoil in flower beds.
  7. If you want a low maintenance flower bed, another option is to place underlay on top of the soil and put in mulch or rocks. This will not only look more clean and crisp than just plain soil, but it will help prevent weeds from coming up through the mulch/rocks to ensure your yard stays low maintenance.
  8. Clean any debris from your yard and flower beds. .
  9. Clean the walkways and driveway. Try sweeping or using a pressure washer.
  10. Clean windows, inside and out.
  11. Replace/fix any lighting that may be broken or old.
  12. Fix any broken sprinkler heads.
  13. Repaint the front door/trim and window trim.
  14. If you have a house that can be painted, you may want to consider a fresh coat of paint on the house itself.
  15. Remove toys from the yard.
  16. Place potted plants on either side of your door.
  17. Ensure window coverings and other decorations look just as good from the outside as they do inside.

Taking some of these ideas and applying them to your own home will not only give it a more welcoming entrance, but it will make the home more enticing to a potential home buyer. Nothing is worse than an unruly yard to make a home buyer think you’re not maintaining the inside of the home as well.


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