The 12 Days of Christmas Kitchen Gadgets – DAY 2

Welcome to our 12 days of Christmas kitchen gadgets blog! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from November 21st until December 16th, we will be featuring a company with some clever and handy kitchen gadgets.

On the 2nd day of Christmas, we bring to thee

Norpro is a leading supplier of distinctive kitchenware. They are consistently at the forefront of product innovation. Traveling worldwide to study trends enables them to create cutting edge products and introduce their customers to the latest technologies and industry innovations. Their products reflect the utmost in quality and are manufactured with superior materials and craftsmanship.
In 1973 CEO Gunnar Lie founded Norpro with a vision of designing, manufacturing, and supplying the highest calibre kitchenware backed by a commitment to exceed customer expectations. His daughter, Kirsten Miller, shares his enthusiasm and passion. She has been running Norpro for several years. As President, she continues to build and grow Norpro, based on the principles established by her father.

The first product we bring to you today from NorPro is their Grip-EZ Aqua Scoop! This fun little ice cream scoop is made of heavy gauge aluminium and has a soft, comfortable, non-slip grip. Its long handle means less mess, and all you have to do is simply remove the plug, fill with warm water and scoop. Warm water fills the handle creating heat in the scoop head for effortless scooping of hard ice cream.

The second product we bring to you today from NorPro is their round Egg Timer. Have you ever had a hard time trying to hard boil eggs to perfection? Well this handy little egg timer will take all your doubt away. Just place the egg timer in the pot with the eggs and water, and turn the element on to boil. The little egg timer is heat sensitive and changes color as the eggs cook. Use this handy little kitchen gadget for soft and hard boiled eggs cooked perfect every time!

The last product that we bring to you today from NorPro is their Ravioli Rolling Pin. I have never attempted making ravioli myself, but with this handy little rolling pin, I might just give it a shot. The Ravioli Rolling Pin makes the process so simple and easy that making ravioli can be fun! The rolling pin is made out of Beech wood and its total length with handles is 23″/58cm. Simply roll the pin lightly over the dough, place filling in each square, cover with a second layer of dough and roll the pin over again to seal the filling inside. The Ravioli Rolling Pin cuts dough into 1-1/2″ x 1-1/8″ squares of homemade ravioli!

To view more amazing products from NorPro you can visit their website:
NorPro products can also be found on

Don’t forget to check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from November 21st until December 16th, 2011 for more handy kitchen gadgets!


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