The 12 Days of Christmas Kitchen Gadgets – DAY 5

Welcome to our 12 days of Christmas kitchen gadgets blog! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from November 21st until December 16th, we will be featuring a company with some clever and handy kitchen gadgets.

On the 5th day of Christmas, we bring to thee

Kuhn Rikon has been in business for over 70 years, producing the highest quality pressure cookers and kitchen tools available. Their quality is a result of both their superior technology and their superior people, dedicated to bringing you the best in Swiss design.
Today I would like to introduce you to a specific line produced by Kuhn Rikon called Kinderkitchen®. Kids have little hands and big imaginations. They love to explore and try new things – especially in the kitchen. Now with Kinderkitchen®, they finally have fun tools made just for them.

The first item I would like to introduce you to are the Duck Snippers. The child-friendly blades on the Duck Snippers are sharp enough to cut herbs and vegetables, and the spring action makes cutting a snip…er, snap! These little scissors are designed not to cut little fingers and feature a large, handy grip with hand stopper, spring like action to make cutting easier, and the duck’s yellow bill covers blades for storage.

The second item today is the Bird’s Eye Open Spoon. The hole in the Bird’s Eye spoon lowers resistance, making it easier for little arms to stir and mix. Better yet, the silicone “beak,” which is gentle on all cookware, is very effective at scraping the every bit of icing from the bowl – even better than fingers! The 10″ length of this spoon is great for regular-sized bowls and pans.

The third item I would like to show you from this line is the Cockatiel Whisk. This cute, tropical Cockatiel makes whisking and beating a snap for little hands, and there’s a single bright pink silicone wire in its plumage, just for fun. It measures 9″ in length for standard bowl and pans, and the bird’s beak prevents little hands from slipping. Your kids will love using this tool for any whisking task in the kitchen.

The fourth and last item I would like to show you from Kinderkitchen® is the Dog Knife. This Dog Knife features a Japanese carbon steel blade that is sharp enough to cut soft food, but not small fingers. The ears on the dog are designed to act as hand guards and its tail is movable and made of soft, poke-free, plastic. What fun! This knife is also available with ‘teeth’ in order to cut more delicate items.

To view more amazing products from Kuhn Rikon’s Kinderkitchen® line you can visit their website:

Kuhn Rikon’s Kinderkitchen® products can also be found on

Don’t forget to check back every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from November 21st until December 16th, 2011 for more handy kitchen gadgets!


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