The 12 Days of Christmas Kitchen Gadgets – Day 12

Welcome to our 12 days of Christmas kitchen gadgets blog! Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from November 21st until December 16th, we will be featuring a company with some clever and handy kitchen gadgets.

On the 12th day of Christmas, we bring to thee

Van Vacter is a brand of kitchen tools line made by Hanz. Hanz was founded by world-renowned innovation thought leader Nicholas J Webb. Nicholas had a vision of creating extremely cool products that improve the experience both in the kitchen and the workshop. Their vision is to provide products that deliver layered value. Their products provide both improved functionality and appearance. Another important part of Nicholas’s vision was to bring in the latest science to create technologies that are both cutting-edge and are made with extreme precision and quality.

The first product I would like to show you from Hanz’s Van Vacter line is their Pizza Knife. Unlike other pizza cutters, this unique product provides both fast and easy pizza cutting. Here is how it works; the first wheel cuts the pizza with their patent pending ‘Slicing-Slots™.’ This helps to separate the hot molten cheese, then their patent pending ‘Finishing-Wheel’ cuts any cheese or crust not cut by the first wheel. This unique design makes cutting pizza a breeze.

The second product I would like to bring to you from Van Vacter is the Ice Cream Knife. The Ice Cream Knife makes scooping ice cream fun and easy. Unlike other ice cream scoops, this knife uses their patent pending ‘Topping Trough™’ edge to make sawing through hard ice cream a breeze. More importantly, their ‘Topping Trough™’ provides the perfect groove on the top of your icevream to keep your tasty toppings in place.

The last product I would like to show you today from Van Vacter is their Pumpkin Melon Knife. Cutting pumpkins, watermelon or cantaloupes with a sharp knife is extremely dangerous. Carving knifes work well but the blades are short and flimsy, the handles don’t give you a good grip when cutting or carving wet slippery melons or pumpkins. Their Pumpkin Melon Knife provides their Power Handle™ and Smart Blade™ that is simply stated the world’s best pumpkin and melon knife.

To view more products from Van Vacter by Hanz you can visit their website:

Most Van Vacter products can also be found on

This concludes our 12 Days of Christmas: Kitchen Gadgets blog! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and have perhaps gotten some great Christmas gift ideas. Have safe a Merry Christmas!


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  1. Happen to be trying to find this and learned much more than anticipated in this article. Thanks.

  2. This web page wont render properly on my blackberry – you might want to try and repair that

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